Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winners Circle (The Sing-Off, Survior and SYTYCD)

Congrats to all the winners!!

The Sing-Off announced the winners last night. Taking home the $100,000 and a record contract is the group Nota. They were my favorite!! Check out Nota performing "Down" (originally by Jay Sean). They performed the same song when they won the show and Jay Sean came out and preformed it with them. It was cool...but I don't think most people realized who it was.

Congrats Natalie for winning Survivor: Samoa. Check out the interview below with Natalie and Russell talking about their experience on Survivor Samoa. I would have loved to see Russell win...maybe they will do another favorites show.

A little late...but we are very happy to see Russell win So You Think You Can Dance. Check out a couple clips.
Hip-Hop/Krumper Dancer - Russell Ferguson

Russell winning moment on SYTYCD