Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top 20! Let the Mary screams roar!

Last night was the first episode of So You Think You Can Dance! Well not the first episode but the start of the real competition with the top 20. As usual I found myself holding my breath until Napoleon and Tabitha hip-hop routines. Phillip was great in N&T's routine to Mad by Ne-Yo, but Tony disappointed in his routine to track off the Black Eyed Peas' new album. I think his partner Paris out danced him and then I replayed it and noticed her smiling through the whole thing... and maybe my first impression was too generous, but I want to like Paris for some reason. Randi and Evan were really good in their jazz number. I think they were little too nice on Jason & Caitlin's Bollywood number. Yes it was difficult, but it wasn't hard to see that they were off a little too frequently. Brandon & Janette were stuck with foxtrot, but they worked it out even though Brandon's lifts scared me in places. I liked Wade's crash dummy routine. I liked Kupono in it, and after Mark last season-- I think I have a dance crush on Hawaii. Who knew? Kayla was the star of the night ending the show with a salsa routine and overshadowing her ballroom partner.

Asuka and Vitolio have some serious worrying to do after their lackluster Broadway number. Tyce kinda looked like he was ready to cut a bitch. It is a shame because they were one of the lucky ones that got a solid back story from all the audition episodes. I think that Jonathan and his partner (forgot her name- she didn't get a back story) might be in trouble because the last ballroom dance was insane and blew their Cha Cha out of the water. Also in my bottom three are Ade and Melissa. The judges loved their jazz routine, but I feel like Randi and Evan's was better-- not to mention people know who Evan is from the auditions. Tune in tonight to see who got the boot!