Thursday, June 25, 2009

Time To Lower the Hip Hop Bar

Last night's performance episode of So You Think You Can Dance was on the edge of boring. This week Dave Scott was the hip hop choreographer of the week, but he ran into the same problem as Shane did. I think this season's cast is ultimately disappoint for the hip hop fan. Last year, they had Joshua, Twitch, Comfort, and Will raising expectations for the genre. Now there's only Phillip. That aside Johnathan and Karla will definitely have to dance for their lives tonight, and almost anyone could join them. Ade & Melissa, Evan & Randi, and Brandon & Janette probably kept themselves out of the bottom again thanks to a smooth-looking rumba, Mia's contemporary & a non-love story hip hop routine. New couple Kupono and Kayla did a decent Viennese Waltz, but as the judges admitted that the genre itself might not inspire votes from the public. To amp the voter's spirits, Mary but them on the hot tamale train. Will it work, Mary? Phillip's pants ripped so he did a whole Broadway routine with a draft from the back end, but Jason also got some critic on his Pasa Doble. Ultimately, who's going home this week? I don't know. Tune in tonight!