Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Candy Girls Cause A Scene

Saw this video awhile back...It's for Teairra Mari's song ft. FloRida entitled "Cause A Scene." In the video, Teairra catches her man in the club with some girls. The girls he is caught in the club with are Danielle and Kysha from Candy Girls. Well, Kysha did say she was going to take the other girls jobs but I didn't think that Danielle would too. I had a feeling that Danielle had a little video girl in her that was trying to get out. That would explain a lot about how she related to the girls that worked for her on the show.

Also seen in the video was Little B from For The Love of Ray J. She is playing the part of one of Teairra's friends. You can catch them throughout the video but here are a few spot you can get a good view of them.

1:35 - Danielle club scene
2:39 - Little B in bathroom scene
3:01 - Kysha club scene
4:28 - Danielle and Kysha in club scene