Sunday, April 19, 2009

Set Your TiVo - Closet Cases

Lloyd Boston's new show, Closet Cases, transforms someone's closet and shows them how to make their wardrobe work for them. This isn't your usual makeover show...which is a good thing. I really like that Lloyd doesn't throw out all your old clothes. He shows you how to add new pieces and mix them with what your have in your closet. I Love Lloyd Boston...he is a friend in my head. One day I will tell yall my Lloyd Boston story.

Lloyd's goal for Clive [photo (l) before wearing orange logo t-shirt (r) after updated business look] was to find clothing that transitions from business to weekend seamlessly and from desk to dinner in a flash. Check out clips of Clive's makeover and other shows at

I just want to say...I have the same orange t-shirt Clive is wearing. Shout out to Push Creative Advertising.

Closet Cases airs Monday nights @ 10 PM ET/PT on the Fine Living channel.