Friday, April 17, 2009

Ray J's New Love...Maybe?? posted a link from about the ending to For The Love Of Ray J. After my girl Chardonnay was sent home the show was over for me. But I wanted to pass on the ending.

Danger quits the show leaving fake Unique and golddigger Cocktail. Word is that Ray picks Cocktail. My friend said it's better for Ray J to pick a golddigger like Cocktail because he knows where she stands. A golddigger type will cater to someone like Ray J. She went on to say that Unique is a social climber...she is going to use Ray to get to the next man with more money and status. Hummm....What can you say after that? She has a point. says that Ray J and Cocktail are still together. With the track record for VH1 reality dating won't last if there is a possibality for a season 2.