Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mito Enters The Gentlemen's Club

After 2 hours of From G's To Gents, Mito was welcomed into the Gentlemen's Club. He won $100,000 and I'm sure he will put it to good use.

Blue didn't walk away empty handed. Mr. Bentley hooked him up with a place to stay for a year and some money to help him get on track. Blue will also be a member of the Gentlemen's Club. Mr. Bentley was handing out navy blazers left and right last night. He gave last season's runner-up Shotta a jacket. Bentley also told Teddy, if he could stay clean for 6 months he would be re-evaluate and possibly get in the Gentlemen's Club.

During the after show, Tia (Teddy's now ex-girl/former prostitute) confronted him about not changing. I hope Teddy has changed for the better and the celebrity doesn't make him go back to his old ways. He should start a talent agency (like Candy Girls) or maybe he should start modeling (brother is fine). Blue is now in school and living in his new apartment. You can't help but want him to do better. Mito took his relationship with his baby's mother to the next level by proposing on the show. Good thing she said yes...or that would have been a little weird. Congrats again to Mito for being a true gentleman!! I'm ready for season 3.