Monday, March 9, 2009

Candy Girls Not So Sweet

Last night was the premiere of Candy Girls. The show follows Danelle, the owner of Bella talent agency, that manages models/video girls. I thought it would be the standard reality formula...models + living together = drama. Not quite. This show is more like the inmates running the jail or hoes running the brothel. Whichever you prefer.

Danelle is the boss but it doesn't seem like anyone respects her. I started to question if she really runs the company. The models are Olivia, Brooke, Blanca and Terricka.
From the way they talk to each other, you would think someones name was Bitch. Olivia is the actor of the group. For some reason she thinks being bi-racial is an issue. Brooke is the big boob diva and isn't afraid of bringing the drama. Blanca is the newbie and from the previews she can't hold her liquor. Terricka has a child and is one of the veterans. She knows that she can bring in money so acting unprofessional and being a bully doesn't bother her.

The most interesting fact I learned from the show, is that model Tyson Beckford's baby's momma (April) is on the show. Yeah
...that's the best I got for you. Someone said Candy Girl's is missing something. I told them it was missing a point. I'll tune in next week to see who the real pimp is. I'm sure that title will go to the E! channel. TNTB (Till Next Time Bitches)!!