Thursday, February 12, 2009

Idol Fan Rage

I must say then even I was shocked that Jamar Rogers was cut last night from American Idol. He received a lot of air time, and the judges commentary were all positive until they just cast him aside after allowing leading favorite and Jamar's best friend, Danny Gokey. On one hand I did feel shaky about his last performance of Hey There Delilah and more so after hearing Ju'not sing it with a more definitive soul-influence. However, I was still confident he would have made it to the Top 36. We all knew Danny would make it. Especially after he sang Kiss From A Rose. Anyone that has played that song on SingStar knows that is one bitch of a song.

Anywho, all internet forums from American Idol's official site to no-name sites to agree that Jamar was robbed. If you are a fan of Jamar, be dedicated and show some love on "his" Myspace. Good luck, Jamar! It's safe to say there are hundreds and even thousands of people hopping someone else gets disqualified so that you can return to the stage... dirty truth. Holla, if you come to the Chi!