Friday, February 20, 2009

Girls 2. Boys 1.

Last night the final four crews hit the stage of America's Best Dance Crew. Quest went first with Chris Brown's Forever. The routine itself was solid. The judges seemed to like it better than last week, but I wasn't convinced that last week was a disappointment. So, it was consistent in my book. However, Lil Mama noted that Quest looked like they had more fun last night, which was my tip from last week. Holla! Keep up the good work fellas. Beat Freaks enjoyed saftey and brought some futuristic swag to Katy Perry's Hot-n-Cold. As Shane noted, the isolations in the beginning shut the game down. They could have done the chicken dance for the rest of the routine and it would have still been good. Ok maybe not. It's been a while since we've seen some good isolations on the show, and it was damn good reminder of how good they look. Makes me want to go out and take Kaba Modern class. Crew memeber, Shorty gave us a Jabbawockeez moment with a never-ending head spin. Beat Freaks were in it to win it.

The real "Battle of the Sexes" was between Strikers All-Stars and Fly Khicks. Strikers performed to Pose by Daddy Yankee. Crickets were chirping loud in my head when that song was handed to them. The real challenge was that the Jabbawockeez were featured in the video. So they had to cram in years of b-boy style into their moves. Unfortunately one of the guys was off during the routine, and I sincerly hope that he is able to live it down. After the judges called out the Strikers, Fly Khicks hit the stage as hype as ever to Pon De Replay by Rihanna. They did the slightly corny human bicycle which was probably actually in that dusty, old music video. The judges highlighted that they need to step up the creativity, but saved them in the end. It was a tough call, but I have to respect the choice of execution quality over creativity. Youtube That Shit award goes to Beat Freaks. It was obvious that they could take the prize from the beginning, but now there is no doubt at all. All I can think of is seeing them battle/on stage with Super Cr3w. I'd actually pay to see that. To hear more about Strikers All-Stars, check out our friends at Blogging America's Best Dance Crew. They got an interview with the guys post-elimination. Good luck, Strikers!