Friday, February 13, 2009

Cloggers Out.

Last night was odd for most crews on America's Best Dance Crew. This week all the crews had an illusion challenge to put in their routines. Up first were Beat Freaks who overcame the curse of going first. They had to work with a flying ball and dance to Freeze by T-Pain ft. Chris Brown. Their performance was really smooth, and they took their time which gave it an carefree vibe that touched Shane (at least). I can't lie. I was a little touched. Just a little. It wasn't Mia-Michaels. Quest danced to Got Money by Lil Wayne ft. T-Pain with a stabbing illusion. Unfortunately, my boys got lack-luster reviews. JC & Lil Mama harped on the transitions thing again. Shane kept it real that Beat Freaks is "on their butts." True story. However I got own interpretation as usual. Quest... Fellas, it was simply too busy. Give us time to focus on all the cool shit you did because you did cool shit. I'm still crushing on Feng. He was killing the choreo sections, but I digress. Don't let the hooplah overpower your emotional connection and musicality.

Next up were
Strikers All-Stars who also got less than stellar reviews. This challenge forced them to walk through solid objects. Their critique from Lil Mama was that the props/challenge seemed to slow them down. I agree, but in their defense the challenge doesn't seem like one that was meant to do at the powerful-fast pace that the Strikers' prefer. Nevertheless, I think their choreo was weaker than past weeks. In the bottom Dynamic Edition faced Fly Khicks. Dynamic Edition had to make people appear out of thin air, and Fly Khicks had to stretch across stage. The Fly Khicks had a little more magic than Dynamic Edition and earned the right to stay. Neither performance was great. I really don't know what to say-- other than this challenge seemed to get the best of all but one crew. The YouTube That Shit award goes to Beat Freaks. Easiest choice thus far. It's down to the final four! Boys versus Girls. Can we get a group peformance?