Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Superstars My @$$

Superstars of Dance on NBC... what a waste of my time! It's like I watched it to prove it was a waste of my time. It takes itself way to seriously. I don't see how anyone could effectively compare the River dance and a traditional Indian dance right next to each other without significant biases to bestow the title "best dancer(s) in the world." Maybe I'm projecting journalistic integrity to places it doesn't belong, but I'd be damn if an old woman from Argentina told me my hip-hop was unimpressive.

Honestly, I kept flipping back to the show to make sure I didn't miss the American group dance, which was finally represented after 2 nights (3 total hours) of this crap by the
Groovaloos. To be honest, I was kinda disappointed. It was no Super Cr3w by anymeans. I was already cashed out on the show, so it's not entirely against the crew. This show has just taught me that my dance-art appreciation is pretty much capped with So You Think You Can Dance, which is only possible with the combination of Mary's craziness an Mia Micheals' knack for word choice. I am so ready to have another season of America's Best Dance Crew. SO ready!