Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ryan Wins 50's Money

50 Cents the Money and the Power is over...

Not that anyone really cares. But Ryan was the winner of $100,000 of 50's money. It came down to Ryan's pitch for a fitness website (FitConnect.com) and Larry's pitch for real estate investment (in other words...pay off my bills, buy my house and I'll start a company later). I don't know why they waited so long to give Ryan the money. He was the only person with a real business. You would think MTV would've picked people with better business plans. It seemed like most of the other people just wanted 50 to "invest in them". If I know 50 wanted to pay someone's bills I would have applied for this show. I don't know what half the challenges really had to do with anything but to make 50 laugh. I won't hold my breath for a season 2...but 50 was the most entertaining thing about the show. Congrats Ryan...Spend 50's money well!!