Friday, January 30, 2009

Nice Moves-- No Homo!

Since her winning streak at the VMAs, the love fest between Britney Spears and MTV has spilled over into this week's theme of America's Best Dance Crew. Beat Freaks started the show with Womanizer with the challenge of being strong and sexy. Really? They gave a solid performance as usual, but their challenge wasn't as inspired/physical as the others which kinda screwed them out of a "top-two" performance by the end of the show. Next up were Strikers All Stars out-performing the hell of Gimme More with a mirror reflection challenge. Granted they got the wackest of all Britney videos, but they over-powered & committed to that song to standing ovation. It was great -- like Super Crew's We Fly High good. Unfortunately the night wasn't great for Dynamic Edition who clogged on top of chairs to Stronger. Shane commented that they reminded him of the movie, "White Chicks." Sadly it was kinda true with the matching hot-pink jackets. Dancing on top of chairs with clogging shoes has to be beyond difficult, but then you must ask: What Would BreakSk8 do?

Friends-in-my head, Quest may have put themselves back in the top two with their routine to Toxic. D-Trix, Hok, and Victor pulled off a nice b-boy set while blindfolded. I think Victor's blindfold came off early, but it still looked semi-epic. Feng stepped into the spotlight during the sassy-choreography set, and Ryan shut it down with another crazy flip. They committed and killed that routine. They even got some no-homo love from Shane and clear praise from JC. Who knew Britney Spears music could inspire such great routines, and why does seem better than Janet Jackson week? Fly Khicks performed a Beyonce/Pussycat Doll inspired routine to Baby One More Time. Between the high heels and the turns, the atheleticism of it took away some of the usual hoochie-ness. Who am I kidding? Pussycat Dolls are hoochie too. Nevertheless, bravo ladies.

In the bottom were
Team Millenia and Ringmasters. Team Millenia practically recreated the Me Against the Music video with hat & cane sets. The Ringmasters approprietly contorted their way through Circus. I seriously don't know what to do with Ringmasters. They actually don't entertain me-- and apparently not the voters-- as much as the other crews. Team Millenia was sent home, but they actually didn't cry about it. So good for them. May they also get jobs, teaching gigs, and such. YouTube That Shit Award is a tie! Quest for blindfolded tricks and surprisingly us with Britney-inspired choereography & Strikers All Stars for committing the hell out of the mirror challenge with very little to no flaws. Shout out to Fanny Pak in the crowd. Who do I have to call to get a press pass for this show?

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