Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Lie To Me" -- first impressions

While everyone was watching Lost, I decided to stay tuned on FOX after American Idol to see the premiere of Lie To Me. I actually like the premise of the show. It's your typical crime/mystery drama, but the main characters are professionals at reading body language to catch lies. At times the dialogue was forced and predictable with a side of pretentiousness it has yet to earn, but I didn't hate it. However, I'm the nerd that watched a special on body language on CNBC until 3 am one night. I prefer this premise to that of Medium and other crime shows that manage to survive. In real talk, a new show shouldn't be placed against Lost (and definetly not against Grey's-- really there's not a good time slot with Idol taking up 2 hours a week!). Sounds like a recipe for failure. Especially since the only face I recognized was the wife (I think her name was Lindsay) from the Practice and that was like pre-9/11 right?

Nevertheless, the show only has two more episodes to hit its stride before I give up on it.
By stride I mean become more complex. I love crime complexity. I need my SVU twist in the last 10 minutes. So far, I was informed enough to prevent true boredom, yet too predictable to be truly entertained. The main character is a combination of Dr. House and Gil Grissom from CSI, which was funny and annoying at times. All in all, the show deserves a make-up test.

click the photo (courtesy of IGN) to see a review posted on IGN... I think he liked it more than I did.