Friday, January 23, 2009

Duel of the Choreo-based crews

Last night was the Fit Test challenge of America's Best Dance Crew. Quest was the first to hit the stage. Their challenge was incorporate kickboxing. Steve, the martial artist, took the spotlight hit all of his tricks. Their routine to "Let It Rock" was boxing-themed to a "T". I loved it. JC and Lil Mama didn't seem to, but I kinda understand why. My interpretation (of their hesitation) is that because Quest had so many good moments-- the moments in between came off extra-boring and gave the whole routine a "red light, green light" feel, which is never a good thing. Fly Khicks went up next to some Lil Jon song in Harajuku-fairy girl costumes. They had to use spring back (a high jump/mid-air pose) which came off cheerleaderish to the judges.

Striker All-Stars
took Shane's advice from last week and allowed us to hear them step. I was kinda bored with their routine, but the judges love it. Shane said that they are his favorite crew right now. Yeah he hasn't said that before. The "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil" ending was pretty dope. Beat Freakz kept me entertained to Webbie's "I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T". They had to use the yoga-like, side plank. They are still on fire. Dynamic Edition still makes me giggle. They basically had to bring their knees to their chest as they clogged. They brought more hip hop, but they realize how much work they have to do in that department. At the end of it all, they are still too clean to hate on. Oh yeah JC and Shane had a short non-debate on how important Hip Hop is to their future in the competition. I think the voters have the power to settle this debate. Ringmasters were also safe from elimination. They had to solider crawl thoughout their routine. I was more grossed out this time, so I guess that means that they were better this week.

Team Millennia
and Boxcuttahz found themselves in the bottom two this week. Team Millennia had to leap frog to Disturbia while Boxcuttahz moutain climbed to Everybody Nose (All the girls standing in line...). If you read the last post, I kinda wanted this to happen and predicted the outcome. Team Millennia out choreo-ed Boxcuttahz and sent them packing. The YouTube that Shit award goes to Quest. The judges seemed to love Strikers All-Stars the most, but I'm sorry. Quest put on the best show in my book. Fly Khicks and Dynamic Edition should probably worry the most. Next week is Britney Spears week... I wonder if the Ringmasters can pull it off.

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