Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Battle Begins

By now I have seen the premiere of America's Best Dance Crew about 6 times and probably 2 more times before Thursday. Here are the impressions of the crews per myself and SpoiltheEnding.

G.O.P Dance
-- They got sent home. They might have been better Salsa dancers than Super Cr3w but they weren't better b-boys or performers. Also I didn't care for revealing the chest. It just came off as them not knowing what else to do.

Strikers All-Stars
-- Shane was right-- they need to cut the music so I know that they are stepping. Combine that with the curse of going first, they came across as mediocre which only gets you to week 3.

Beat Freaks
-- Amazing. Hopefully they won't fuck up a routine with props, which I think got Fysh-n-Chicks in trouble.

-- They didn't slack on the head start I gave them. Bravo fellas, Bravo. Since I recognizes all, but two of them. I would like Feng and Brian to kill the spotlight. Manage that and a crazy music video challenge (if they bring it back), they would be unstopable.

Fly Khicks
-- A little hoochie. Maybe a lot of hoochie. Also kinda corny per SpoiltheEnding. At least they made me chuckle. I knew they would survive being in a battle, so I wasn't worried for them. So I guess I kinda believe them. Hmmm, ain't that something. But in real talk, less booty- more krump.

Ringmasters -- I didn't like them. I cringed more then I was excited. I ran when my grandmother was watching The Exercist, and I almost ran from them. So yeah I'm not going to say they sucked... I just can't judge them in the way they should be. However, they need to actually move around the stage more. I won't say "where's-the-dancing" debate but seriously, just move more or make the cameraman move or something. I don't need to feel like you are ready to ambush me like zombies.

-- Great song [Chromeo's Bonifide Lovin'], pretty good choeography, but it was just sloppy. Maybe they were nervous. Lil' Mama was right about the girl. If she's going to be the centerpiece then she needs more sass. Too many girls with sass on the show for her to not step up the game. Their direct competition is Team Millennia. With all the diversity of this season, Millennia and Boxcuttuhz seem the closest is similarity which would (more likely) cause problems for Boxcuttuhz. If they out smooth-n-glide them. Then they got a shot.

Dynamic Edition
-- I found them interesting. Spoil didn't. I honestly want to see how they progress. Especially in a music video challenge, I think they have the best chance impress/surprise everyone the most. Don't get it twisted, they aren't my pick to win it.

Team Millennia
-- Rockers? I had to agree with Lil Mama, probably the most I've ever agreed with her. I thought they were dope last year. They were just a victim of the "coast." Fanny Pak totally earned their keep. Anyways, I want them to get over the rocker thing because they made it sound like they really went through rocker-boot camp and shit. Devil horns are not clogging shoes or skates. So, lets not make this a thing. Also they are really good. They could easily smash Boxcuttuhz out of the competition if they came smooth.

To keep the tradition, the YouTube that Shit award goes to Beat Freaks. I love Quest, but Beat Freaks came with some unexpected fire (probably because of Din Da Daa being as iconic as it is) and set a tone that only slightly put them ahead. I would say this season's crown belongs to one of those two. Let the games begin.