Friday, December 5, 2008

Deelishis Fires Back At A.I. Rumors

Deelishis (winner of Flavor of Love 2) posted a blog on her MySpace page to address the rumors about her dating basketball star Allen Iverson. She insists they are only friends and that she is still with her man Orlando. Deelishis also goes off on all the gossip blog sites about starting hurtful gossip.

Here is part of her post:
A.I. and myself are friends and like any other celebrity male figure who I've met in the industry and have become an aquaintance of, of course we hang out and like friends do, we laugh, kick it and keep it moving. It is a shame that two adults of the opposite sex cannot be friends without someone assuming bullsh*t. And whats really shameful is I truly like Allen Iverson's company, he's my FRIEND, and now I have to feel self conscious when I'm in the company of my FRIEND, like we are doing something wrong, when we HAVE NOT!!!
To read the entire post check out Deelishis' MySpace blog page -