Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sneak Peek: Real Chance of Love (Great Balls of Fire)

Last week Lusty was sent packing. Like we didn't see that happening. Tomorrow on Real Chance of Love (Great Balls of Fire), the girls kick it old school with a dance routine for their men. American's Best Dance Crew finalists Kaba Modern drop by to help the girls with their dance moves. Thank goodness!!
When the guys have the girls put on a dance contest at MacArthur Park, Real, once again, becomes enamored by one of Chance's girls. Later, Real and Chance have lunch with the other brother's girls, to get to know them a little better. This proves to be the perfect time for Real to make a move on his new prospect, but what will Chance think of his brother trying to steal one of his girls again? Meanwhile, one of Chance's girls, tries to desperately to connect with him, even going so far as to make him a special meatball dinner. But when
Chance gets indigestion and the romance of the moment is lost, it sends the girl into a spiral.
Source: VH1
Check out the clip below from the new episode airing tomorrow night - Monday, November 17 @ 9/8c on VH1.