Thursday, November 20, 2008

Set Your TiVo - Psych (Christmas Joy)

I'm so happy...we get a Psych Christmas Special!! I was missing Psych...I need this to hold me over until the new season.
After Shawn and Gus help a little girl get a mall Santa out of jail in time for Christmas, they realize their clients are con men who have a big score planned. Helping them with their investigation is Gus' sister Joy (guest star Faune Chambers), in town for the holidays and looking to repeat a one time fling she had with Shawn, who is determined to keep his best friend from ever finding out.

Don't miss the premiere of "Christmas Joy", directed by John Landis and guest-starring Keith David and Phylicia Rashad as Mr. and Mrs. Guster, on Friday, November 28th @ 10/9C on USA. Go to the USA website to send your friends & family a Psych holiday e-card.

New season of Psych begins January 9th! I Can't Wait!!!

Source: USA