Thursday, November 13, 2008

Set Your TiVo - Lipstick Jungle (Chapter 15)

Last week on Lipstick Jungle, Nico met Kirby's mom for the first time. They could have been sisters...kinda creepy. Does Kirby have a mommy complex? Nico asked Kirby to move in...but he wasn't feeling the way his mom and Nico were bouncing him back an forth. Can't blame him for that. See how it went down in the clip below.

Wendy was getting jealous of all the attention that her husband was getting from his new agent. She even signed on to be the producer for the movie he is working on...but later quit. It was a good move for Wendy to stop working on her husband's film project...not such a good move to tell him about the kiss between her and the other guy. Victory couldn't get time with Joe and didn't know why. His feelings were still hurt after the fashion show. To bad she didn't find out about the proposal and ring sooner. Now that she knows, I hope she gets back together with Joe.

New episode of Lipstick Jungle (
Chapter Fifteen: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Prada) this Friday, Nov. 14th @ 10/9c on NBC. A spa trip for the ladies isn't as relaxing as planned.