Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sneak Peek: Real Chance of Love (Don't Cross Me Bra!)

Real Chance of Love is everything I thought it would be. Still not sure if that's a good thing.

The girls that made the biggest first impression: So Hood (the name fits), Bubbles (wondering if she knows where she is), Lusty (CRAZY...keep her away from the knives), and Milf (no way she is 35...55 maybe).

The new bunch of crazies have to compete for the love of the man that picked them...or do they?? This week it's time for the Stallionaire County Fair.

The brothers have the girls put on a county fair for them, but the one booth that Real is the most interested in, belongs to one of Chance's girls! Later on, when Chance, spying from his bedroom window, catches Real putting the moves on his woman, he decides to go after one of his brother's girls to get back at him. When the girl wants nothing to do with Chance, he makes up a lie about her to Real! Will blood prove to be thicker than the truth?
Source: VH1
Check out the preview clip from tomorrows episode. Real Chance of Love (Don't Cross Me Bra!) airs Monday, October 27th @ 9PM on VH1.