Sunday, October 19, 2008

Set Your TiVo - Real Chance Of Love

A Real Chance Of Love premieres tomorrow night. Real and Chance set out to find true love...or the closes thing to it. Fifteen women move into the Stallionaire ranch house and compete for "LOVE".

I can see why women would go on TV to find love. Mostly to kick start their modeling careers in KING magazine. But I can't see how any women looking for love would date Chance. He seems more like the guy in a R&B music video, that the girl singer is dumping because he isn't loving her the way she wants to be loved. Then you have Real...the guy that loves "LOVE". He is the one you would want to keep but walks a little to close to the friendship line. Real needs a woman that is ready to be loved. I'm sure he will find someone after all this TV show stuff ends.

Check out the show Monday, Oct. 20th @ 9PM on VH1. Below is a clip from the first episode. Are you ready??