Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mosaic Is The Top Pop Group

After only 4 episodes of MTV's Top Pop Group, the show is over. Yes...That says a lot. I went to to see what I missed. I guess that's why you should vote every week. I wasn't disappointed about the show ending. I just wanted to see Ju-Taun perform again. I'm crushing on them right now. Hey Pete!!

Six groups performed during the finale. The 2 groups with the most votes were Ju-Taun and Mosaic. They were the best groups in the competition anyway. But it was Mosaic that took home the grand prize of $100,000. Congrats to Mosaic!! They are very talented and will represent the show well. MTV should give them more money!!

I would love to see BET rip this show and make it better. With a few changes it could have been one of my "must see" shows. Check out Mosaic's winning moment in the clip below.