Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lipstick Jungle - Chapter 9

I'm so into Lipstick Jungle. But this last episode wasn't as crazy as I was hoping for...but I still enjoyed it. Nico goes out on a date with Kirby. About time after having all that great sex. She decides to provide for her late husband's unborn child. She's a good one! I would have told that chick to kiss it.

Victory is finally moving on by dating her new contractor. Someone is jealous. When she finds out that her assistant has no where to live, she goes deeper in doubt to her ex to give him a place to stay. Very sweet.

Wendy tries to take care of her actor friend by turning in fake medical papers so he can do one more movie before he dies. Will she lost her job over this...probably? Check out the 2-minute replay below.

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