Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Love Money - The Finale

Tonight was the finale for I Love Money. The final 4 (Whiteboy, Hoopz, Real and Megan) compete in the Krazy Toss. Whiteboy wins the challenge and becomes the final paymaster. The remaining people were up for elimination.

After Real was eliminated, he goes off on Whiteboy. But Real is asked to stay and be the first member of the jury. Five of the former housemates (
Heather, Entertainer, Toastee, Pumkin and 12 pack) return to serve on the jury with Real. They were suppose to pick another person to be eliminated. Megan didn't want to let the jury send her she quit. Hoopz and Whiteboy moved on to compete in the finals.

The final 2 raced in the Dash For The Cash. Whiteboy got an early lead in the race. Hoopz catches up to him on the last challenge and wins the money. Congrats to Hoopz!! Next Sunday is the reunion show.

  • Whiteboy
  • Every person themselves
Loving More Than Money:
  • Real loving Hoopz
Up For Elimination:
  • Real
  • Hoopz
  • Megan
  • Real
  • Megan (quits)
Final 2:
  • Hoopz
  • Whiteboy
Winner of $250,000:
  • Hoopz