Friday, October 17, 2008

Glam God Winner

Indashio is the winner of Glam God. He show Vivica and the judges that he is ready to style stars. Representation by Timothy Priano, a check for $100,000, a spread in US Magazine and the titled of GLAM GOD.

Indashio was already well on his way before the show...but I'm sure that check will come in handy. He was truly the stand out character of the show. My favorite stylist was TigerLily (placed 2nd). Most people didn't like her attitude when the show started...but I loved it!!

I don't think the show really showcase how talented the cast was. They really did pick some interesting stylists. It would have been better if the show would have aired after The Rachel Zoe Project...just because it was hard to really appreciate all the little touches the contestants were doing if you don't understand why they are doing it. Rachel Zoe took you inside the glamor of it the industry then this show could have pushed the madness behind the scenes more. Below is Idashio's reel...check it out.

Indashio - 2008 E.P.K.