Friday, September 12, 2008

Project Runway - What's Your Sign?

This week on Project Runway, the designers got a flashback from the past. The eliminated designers from this season returned to help the remaining ones create an avant garde garment inspired by an astrological sign. Terri is partnered with Keith and they can't find a way to work together. The teams are invited to a private party at the Hayden Planetarium (American Museum of Natural History--Rose Center for Earth and Space) to show off their creations.

More flashbacks as some of our favorite designers from past seasons returned to judge the outfits. Judges included Daniel Vosovic (season 2), Christian Siriano (season 4 winner), Carmen Webber (season 4), Alison Kelly (season 3), Robert Plotkin (season 1), Jay McCarroll (season 1 winner) and Kara Janx (season 2). But they still had to do a runway show for the usual judges and special guest judge Francisco Costa.

The top designs were from Korto, Jerell, Leanne and Joe. This week Jerell walked away with the win...but no immunity. I was just glad he got a win...he has been working hard. The bottom designs were Blayne, Terri, Suede and Kenley. Kenley's mouth and Suede talking in 3rd person didn't sit well with the judges. But the two designers sent home this week were Blayne and Terri. And just before everyone went to fashion week....dang. I would have liked to see Terri's collection at Fashion Week.

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