Thursday, September 25, 2008

Loving Lipstick Jungle

Loving last nights episode of Lipstick Jungle. Yes...I said I loved it! They started the show with a funeral. Nico's husband died during his surgery. So of course, we got the flashback to what led up to funeral.

Wendy has to deal with her wild child daughter and judgmental mother, played by Mary Tyler Moore. Victory is trying to stay away from her billionaire ex-boyfriend. She feels like he moved on to quick after he broke up with him. Is she crazy...she better get that man back.

Nico decides to try and save her marriage. But after he brings home a nude photo (that was of Nico that her lover
Kirby took) she felt she needed to do something drastic. Nico takes advice from Victory's new publicist, played by Rosie Perez, to get her G spot a boost. After her husband turned her down in the bed room, she finally confessed to him about her affair. He said he never cheated on her. Later at the hospital, the grad student that he had been working with was pregnant with his baby. He had been cheating on her for 3 years and was plotting with the new woman to get a divorce and get alimony from Nico. Dirty!!

I can't want to see what happens next week - Wednesdays @ 10/9c on NBC.
You can check out the 2 min-replay below and you can watch the full episode at