Friday, August 15, 2008

Refined B-Boys vs. Aggressive R&B-ers

Last night was the final dance off for Season 2 of America's Best Dance Crew! I have to say I loved the opening with the announcer introducing each crew member. Dancers have last names too, surprising right? It was extra- in a good way. Both crews had three routines: dance styles from around the world, original dance craze, and crew's choice. Round one tripped me out because it was so long. Initially I felt like Lil' Mama in that Super Cr3w's performance seemed low in energy, but then I realized that the routine was actually long and not just low on energy. I would have paced myself too. SoReal was exposed on the slo-mo for not handling the Latin American rhythms, which gave the round to Super Cr3w. The dance craze challenge was a great idea-- props to whoever made that challenge. Super Cr3w came out strong with S on their chests, but SoReal is from the dirty-- where dance crazes thrive! SoReal took their "explosion" pound and created Smash It Up. When Mark came out with the Hulk gloves, I was completely sold. It was the extra push the routine needed. Finally, it was crews choice. After showing clips of both crews crying, they hit the stage. Everyone deserves an Oprah moment.

Super Cr3w basically performed an Ode to B-boy dance. They used the spotlights and isolated themselves into pairs so you could focus on their skill. They presenting breaking as like a refined art. Brava fellas! SoReal went in the direction you would assume b-boys to travel, battling! SoReal came out for blood with A Milli! They obviously made a statement, but I wonder if the coins dropping out of the bag at the end was a play on the "coin drop" (a b-boy move). However it just could have been symbolic of taking the prize. Maybe I'm too deep for my own good. It was a move I never thought SoReal would do, but I have to admit I respect them a little more now. Honestly I think Super Cr3w will take it, but SoReal made one hell of a final statement for a crew that have never been in the bottom two! I hope both of these crews (and of course Fanny Pak) agree to be on the tour. Vote now, vote right, watch the finale next Thursday!