Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reality-palooza: Busted and High School Stories

MTV gives the phrase “You’re so busted” a whole new meaning in a daily dose of police busts and outrageous infractions with the series premiere of “BUSTED” and the best high school pranks returns for another season of “High School Stories: Scandals, Pranks and Controversies." You can check out a clip of Busted at

I love it when they bust the two girls for soliciting. "We look like prostitutes." The answer to that questions is YES! Maybe they will rethink their outfits selection the next time they go out.
And the I can't forget the drunk girl that was going to the "Hungary Store." I think she meant a restaurant.

Daily programming block premieres August 25th with “BUSTED” @ 6 PM ET/PT and “High School Stories” @ 6:30 PM ET/PT on MTV.