Saturday, August 16, 2008

Project Runway - Welcome To The Jungle

Brooke Shields gives the Project Runway designers a Lipstick Jungle challenge. They have to create an outfit for Brooke's character on the show. Each designers pitched a design to Brooke.

The teams breakdown:
Keith and Kenley; Korto and Joe; Jerell and Stella; Kelli and Daniel; Terri and Suede; Blayne and Leanne

Korto had immunity on this challenge...lucky for her not so much for her partner Joe. In the work room she felt Joe throw her under the bus with Tim...she was ready to turn on him. The top were Jerell's and Keith's team. Michael said Jerell's outfit had a sense of power but feminine. Brooke thought Keith's outfit was unique and classy. The bottom were Kelli's and Blayne's
team. Michael said Kelli's outfit was slutty and their was a question of taste. The judges told Blayne that he didn't listen to what Brooke told him.

Keith was the winner of the challenge. His winning design will be worn by Brooke in an episode of Lipstick Jungle but no immunity on the next challenge. It came down to Kelli and Blayne...but it was Kelli that was sent home. Next week Chris, from season 4, brings in some Queens (Drag Queens) for the designers to dress.

Check out the video recap below and the pose by pose recap from my friend in my head David Dust. Lipstick Jungle returns Wednesday, September 24th on NBC.