Thursday, August 7, 2008

Project Runway - Rings Of Glory

The Project Runway designers have to create an outfit for the opening ceremony of the Olympics. The focus was on women's wear for the USA Team. Guest Judge this week was Apolo Ohno. Poor Blayne...his tan is fading. Maybe someone on the crew will sneak him some self tanner. He should just steal some bronzer from one of the models or out of the make-up room. Most of the designers missed the point of the challenge. I don't know what they were thinking. It's the Olympics...that's the theme.

The Top 3 were Korto, Terri and Joe. I really liked Terri's look and Joe nailed the athletic part. Korto was the winner of the challenge with a clean and modern white suit (
Design by Korto, Modeled by Katrina-photo from She got immunity but I guess they weren't going to mass produce it for the Olympic team. I was hoping to see that happen.

The bottom 3 were Daniel, Jennifer and Jerell. Daniel's purple dress (She from the Republic of Cocktail Land) and Jerell's 20's costume was a little much for the judges to swallow. Ok...I told you Jennifer wasn't going to last much longer. She was sent home this week. Finally they put her out of her misery. The judges said it was too hard for her to separate her personal style from the challenge and it looked silly.

Next week Brooke Shields in dropping in on the designers. If you need a pose by pose recap check out David Dust Blog. You will thank me!