Sunday, August 10, 2008

No More Chances

Today on I Love Money, the teams compete in a Save The Mac Challenge. This game was themed after Buddha jumping in the water to save Midget Mac on I Love New York 2. The first team to save all their Midget Mac dummies from drowning wins. Rodeo and Entertainer sit out on the Gold Team. Everyone was drooling over Megan in her Baywatch bikini. The Gold team wins...again...this is the forth challenge win in a row.

Megan and Brandi C. know they were going in the box but they were counting on Pumkin to send one of the guys home. Whiteboy knows people want him out so he isn't going to volunteer to be in the box.
Chance steps up and volunteers to go in the box with the girls. At the power outing, Chance wasn't trying to answer the questions and started arguing with Megan. Pumkin spends the one-on-one time with Megan. Megan offers Pumkin a sweet deal - If Megan is the captain, she will keep Pumkin safe. If she isn't captain, she will throw the challenge to keep Pumkin safe. When they get back from the outing the guys start to worry about elimination.

Pumkin gives the first check to Brandi C. The next person called was Megan and Pumkin decided to keep her. She eliminated Chance. Of course, he starts cursing her out. Hoopz was shocked and Real starts going off. Pumkin is going to be a target in the house. Will her new alliance keep her safe? Trust No One! Get your gag reflex in check for next week.

Team Captains:

  • Gold Team - Pumkin (Wins Save Midget Mac Challenge - Score 4 to 3 Macs)
  • Green Team - Brandi C.
New Alliances:
  • Real, Chance, Whiteboy, Hoopz, Pumkin, Toastee, Rodeo
  • Entertainer, 12 pack, Heather
  • Pumkin, Brandi C., Toastee, Megan
Loving More Than Money:
  • Heather and 12-pack
Up For Elimination:
  • Brandi C.
  • Megan
  • Chance
  • Chance