Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Interview To Be Diddy's Assistant

A few years ago, before the TV show, I applied to be Diddy's assistant. I had been in New York for a little over a 1 year at the time and was working at a PR firm. I saw the job posted online and thought it would be interesting. Apparently getting the interview was an accomplishment within itself. I told a couple of people about the interview. Everyone was telling me that he would buy me diamonds. Who would turn down diamonds? I just wanted a new job. I forgot the name of the person I met with but that woman was about to save my life.

The interview went like most do...standard questions: Tell me about yourself, what experience do you have and why did you apply for this job? But when I told her I was getting married in a month she gave me a different look. Not a bad or good look...just different. Then she started to tell me what was expected of me. Funny, when everyone was telling me about getting diamonds no one told me I was going to have to give up my first born. OK...not that much but damn near close. I was then hit with questions like: Are ready to spend 2 months on a yacht with Diddy? Carry his bags? If he calls you at 3 AM to do something you have to do it...Are you ready for that? I'm sure I looked like a deer in headlights. If I got the job, I would have been gone most of the time...Diddy's life would have been my life.

That wasn't the way I pictured my first year of marriage. That lady saved my life and marriage by not hiring me. Don't get me wrong...Diddy would have been luck to have me on his team.
I would've been DAM GOOD! It just wasn't the right time for me. But the diamonds would be nice right about now.

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