Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Love Money - The Spit Olympics

Last week on I Love Money, 12 pack was sent home by Toastee. Heather and the Entertainer the only 2 left in their original alliance. Heather tries to make nice with the other females in the house. This week the contestants compete in the Spit Olympics. NASTY!! Megan came in last in the challenge and automatically went in the box for elimination. The Entertainer, who needed to win to stay in the game, won the challenge and became the paymaster. His plan was to put Hoopz and Real in the box. But at the same time he goes to Whiteboy to try and join his alliance by telling him that Hoopz and Real will be safe. Megan has been running the last couple of shows had to think of a new plan to stay in the game after seeing Entertainer talking to Whiteboy.

Megan and the secret alliance get together and decide that Heather and Brandi C. need to go in the box. When it comes down to the vote, it goes down just as the secret alliance planned.
How is Megan running this game?? To the Entertainers surprise the 3 up for elimination were not the people he wanted. At the power outing, the girls were being extra nice to the Entertainer. For the one-on-one time he picked Heather. Back at the house, Megan and Brandi give him a massage to talk him into voting for Heather.

At elimination, Heather gets into it with the other 2 girls. I was waiting for them to start throwing down for real. The Entertainer decides to send Heather packing. So much for that alliance. At least she can reconnect with 12 pack. The one thing that we learned this week...Brandi C. is better at swallowing than spiting. OK..we could have guessed that...but she said it first!!

  • Entertainer
  • Real, Whiteboy, Hoopz (and Megan...kinda)
  • Entertainer, Heather (Toastee, Pumkin)
  • (Secret Alliance) Pumkin, Brandi C., Toastee, Megan
Loving More Than Money:
  • Megan liking Whiteboy
  • Real liking Hoopz
Up For Elimination:
  • Brandi C.
  • Heather
  • Megan
  • Heather