Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Love Money - Cry Me A River

Last week on I Love Money, the cross team alliances were brought to the surface. New alliances are formed across team lines. The crying game was themes after all the shows great crying scenes. Each team member has to produce one tear that rolls down past their nose. The Gold Team picks Hoopz to sit out the challenge. Lucky her!!

12 pack slaps Toastee to get her to cry.
Pumkin puts cayenne pepper in her eye to produce a tear. You know that was burning. The Gold Team wins the challenge because Real and Brandi C. couldn't cry. Back at the house, everyone is kissing up to Toastee...except Destiney. Destiney (photo from and the Entertainer plot to have a fake fight to make it looks like they are breaking up. Everyone is so drunk and wild they don't even notice them. So much for that plan. When it gets time for the vote, the host tells them he is staying in the volt with them and he will be the only person to touch the checks. All the previous fighting in the volt caused the change. I'm going to miss the fighting. Brandi C. volunteers to go in the box. Then the team votes for Destiney to be in the box. But in a twist, Real volunteers to go in the box.

For the power outing, Toastee and the bottom 3 go snorkeling. Real spots a shark in the water and he heads for the shore. Destiney tries to make a case that Real is the strongest player and should be sent home. Toastee picks Real for the one-on-one time. When they get back the Entertainer tried to talk Toastee into keeping Destiney. The Gold Team had a meeting and Toastee announced that she was thinking about sending Real home. That move doesn't help her spot with the alliance.

At elimination, Toastee sticks to her alliance with the Stallionaire's and keeps Real. At least the Entertainer got one more kiss before Destiney left. I think his family will like long as they don't move into the basement together.

Team Captains:
  • Gold Team - Toastee (Wins Crying Challenge - Score 6 to 4 tears)
  • Green Team - Real
New Alliances:
  • Real, Chance, Whiteboy, Hoopz, Pumkin, Toastee
  • Destiney, Entertainer, 12 pack, Heather
Loving More Than Money:
  • Entertainer and Destiney
  • Heather and 12-pack
Up For Elimination:
  • Brandi C.
  • Destiney
  • Real
  • Destiney