Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Love Money - Back Stabbers

No more teams...every man/woman for themselves on I Love Money this week. The contestants get the location to find dummies the look like them. Time for the Back Stabber Challenge. Each dummy has their back to the group and everyone will have a turn throwing knives. Once your dummy has 3 knives in the back...that person is eliminated. The first person with 3 knives, automatically goes in the box. Whiteboy is the first person to go in the box. Megan refuses to target Real or Hoopz... upseting her secret alliance. The last person standing was Toastee and she became the Pay Master.

Megan tries to get her new alliance with Whiteboy to convince Pumkin that she is not a threat. They bring in Toastee and Pumkin to get them with their alliance. The individual challenge places everyone the volt for the vote. Whiteboy was in last place following the challenge, this caused his check go in the box first. Then the final 2 voted in by the group were 12-pack and Entertainer.

For the Power Outing, they got their souls cleansed. There isn't enough cleasing in the world. An old woman spits in their faces. NASTY!! Then she waved a live turkey in front of them. Big Fun! Back at the house, Megan continues to try and save Whiteboy. Toastee decides to spend the one on one time with 12 pack. At elimination, Toastee decides to go with Megan's plan and sends 12 pack home. Next week is the Spit Olympics...Pumkin should have a leg up on this one.

  • Real, Whiteboy, Hoopz
  • Entertainer, 12 pack, Heather (Toastee, Pumkin)
  • (Secret Alliance) Pumkin, Brandi C., Toastee, Megan
  • Megan wants to get with Whiteboy, Real and Hoopz
Loving More Than Money:
  • Heather and 12-pack
  • Megan liking Whiteboy
  • Real liking Hoopz
Up For Elimination:
  • Whiteboy
  • Entertainer
  • 12 pack
  • 12 pack