Sunday, August 17, 2008

Game Over For Rodeo

After last weeks shocking elimination of Chance on I Love Money, we known things in the house would change. Everyone is changing bedrooms to be closer to their alliance. Safety in numbers...maybe? The secret alliance is looking at Hoopz as the next target. When it's time to pick captains, Megan wanted to lead the Green Team. They made Megan swear on the bible she would not mess up the that was going to make a difference.

The teams take a road trip for the next challenge. The Road Trip Drag Challenge had sleds that looked like a Rock of Love bus and Flavor of Love limo. Each team pulled their sled to destination points from the shows. Then they had to eat different local food at every stop of the challenge. Since the Gold Team has more people...3 people had to sit out - Heather, Hoopz and Pumkin. Leaving it up to Rodeo to throw the game. After the challenge was over...everyone starts throwing up. Nice! The Gold Team starts arguing with Hoopz about the challenge. While in the volt, Rodeo realizes that she didn't have anyone on her side and flips out. She had made a cake (more like a cookie) for 12-packs birthday but after he voted her in the box she slammed it down on the table.

For the power outing, they go rafting and have lunch. Rodeo (pic from spent the whole time doing whatever Megan said. Megan told them that her dog is going to make the decision and they had to talk to her. Rodeo gets the one-on-one time but the kissing up didn't work. Whiteboy wants to get rid of Toastee. The secret alliance wants Hoopz to go home. Megan decides to send Rodeo home. Hoopz got her check and stood by the Green Team. But from this point on...there are NO MORE TEAMS...all the challenges will be individual. Every Man/Woman for themselves.

Team Captains:

  • Gold Team - Heather
  • Green Team - Megan (Wins Road Trip Challenge)
  • Real, Whiteboy, Hoopz, Rodeo
  • Entertainer, 12 pack, Heather, Pumkin, Toastee
  • (Secret Alliance) Pumkin, Brandi C., Toastee, Megan
Loving More Than Money:
  • Heather and 12-pack
  • Megan and Whiteboy
Up For Elimination:
  • Rodeo
  • Hoopz
  • Toastee
  • Rodeo