Friday, August 8, 2008

Fanny Pak: Sad To See You Go

I'm all danced out...that's why Blacklion usually does the recaps for the dance shows. Last night on America's Best Dance Crew, it was all about the 80's...the music, the moves and the movies. Each crew performed two dance routines. The first one routine was the Grove Step Challenge - the crews were given classic dance moves and had to incorporate a physical challenge. The second routine was the Dance Movie Challenge - they had were given an 80's movie dance scene to bring it up to date.

Super Cr3w took Digital Underground's Humpty Dance into the new millennium with only 4 feet on the floor. They took the challenge and ran with it. The movie they got was Footloose. I loved the ending when did the head spin at the end. Their skill level is off the chart.

SoReal Cru brought back the Kid 'N Play
The judges called out the crew for being a little off and losing some of the energy. and had to start a chain reaction during the routine.The second routine was from the movie Breakin' with brooms as props. SoReal has never been in the bottom on the show.

Fanny Pak danced to Ice Ice Baby and at some point they had to dance horizontally. They topped it off with a real Word To Yo Mother...with pictures of their moms. Glenda's move took the dance to the next level. Flashdance was the best movie Fanny Pak could have got. I had to watch it again because it was so good.

The bottom 2
crews were Super Cr3w and Fanny Pak. Last week Shane said he would quit if Super Cr3w was in the bottom 2. Well...he didn't walk off the set when they ended up in the bottom 2. Not that I thought he would. JC said that SoReal Cru didn't out dance the crews that were in the bottom. All the crews were good...but I did feel like last night should have been the finals. As usual Blacklion was right...the vote was probably split between the West coast crews and that is why they ended up in the bottom.

I just want to thank Lil Mama for getting her hair done this week. I'm so tired of seeing that glittery baseball cap!! She looks so much better without it. The YouTube that shit award goes to Fanny Pak's last performance with a tribute to the movie 'Flashdance'. They had the judges down...especially Lil' Mama. But they have me a little Shane slapping people in the butt?? It was very funny. Week after week Fanny Pak blow my mind with routines that made me forget who else danced that night. They are winners and I know this show will open doors for them. Much Respect Fanny Pak!! Don't forget to VOTE!!