Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dancing Thru The Finale

The final 4 (Joshua, Twitch, Katee and Courtney) took the So You Think You Can Dance stage last night for the final vote. This time all the dancers performed together as couples. For the first time Courtney & Katee and Twitch & Joshua danced together. Everyone performed a solo number but I would have thought those would have been a little longer...they did have 2 hours to burn.

I thought the guys Russian Nutcracker was really good (clip below). And Joshua can jump higher!! It looked amazing on was probably crazy in person. I think it's great that there are 2 hip-hop dancers in the finals. Even if I don't consider either of them as just hip-hop dancers anymore. During Katee's one-on-one, they showed the clip of her in the audition telling the judges she wouldn't come back. Look at her the finals. I hope her friend goes back next year. Twitch did his best James Bond impression for Nigel. It was cute!

Kind words all around from the judges. But they are not the ones voting. Who did you vote for? I love them all but Joshua is my dance crush...but Twitch is really close. Tonight @ 8/7 c the winner will be announced!!