Thursday, July 24, 2008

Webisodes: The New Frontier

Webisodes and other forms of made-for-Internet shows have been thrown in my face lately. So I'm taking the time to pass on the word.

Heroes -- NBC's Monday night hit drama currently features two approx. 3 min webisodes following a postman's run in with "the company." The reason to watch: it features all new characters, new powers, and it wouldn't hurt to get a little more Heroes in you life after not seeing it in over 6 months!

If Looks Could Kill -- This series follows a fashionista named Bianca and the twists in her life after stumbling on to clues about her absent father/CIA agent! There are interactive moments between chapters for you to give Bianca clues on where she should go next, which I could see putting people off from the show-- but can't fault them for trying. The reason to watch: You've just watched Project Runway reruns and you kind of miss Alias.

We Need Girlfriends -- Even though I knew about this show for months, I still haven't seen it yet. However, it's my understanding that this show is a straight forward comedy about three (i assume dorky) guys in NYC and their trials and errors of being single and dating. The reason to watch: this show has gotten so much critic attention that it is in the works of becoming a network television show. Not bad for something you might find on YouTube.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-ALong Blog -- This has gotten a lot of play in the geek world because it is created by Joss Whedon (who is also the man behind Buffy- the tv series). The times to see it for free on the site have passed, but you can download it on iTunes until July 29th. After that you have to wait until it is released for DVD. The reason to watch: Neil Patrick Harris starring as a mad scientist.