Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shake Your Junk

This week on Legally Blonde (AKA White Girls Crying), the ladies were shocked that Autumn was the only girl to returned from the casting office. The next day they head to the dance studio to learn some dance moves from Denis Jones (Associate Choreographer) and Nick Kenkel (in the ensemble for the musical and Assistant Choreographer). For the dance challenge the girls had to do the dance routine outside, in the cold, on a cobble stone street in pink stiletto boots. Denis and Nick picked Natalie as the top performer. As the winner she picked Rhiannon to go with her to meet Kate Shindle (who plays Vivienne in the musical) for a yoga class.

For the audition, they had to perform the Shake Your Junk
dance routine for the song "Positive" from the musical. They only had a short time to learn Elle's part and the background patterns. When the girls got home they went straight to work. Then they got a call sheet to fill out with questions like who was the worst dancer, worst singer and worst actor. Everyone starts crying!! Autumn decides they should change the questions to positive ones. After that they all felt better and went back to work.

Natalie wows the judges with her dancing getting an immediate pass into the next round. After Autumn's performance she gets sick, runs off stage and throws up. This week the judges only send 2 girls to the casting office: Emma and Autumn. Both girls are sick so it's no surprise that they are in the bottom...will not to Emma. But it was Emma that was sent home. She was very talented...just not that likable. I was expecting Autumn to go home...so was Emma. Next week its makeover time!!