Monday, July 7, 2008

No Money For You

The premiere of I Love Money defiantly made me interested in checking out another episode. The 17 contestants arrived in Mexico. The first challenge was getting off the boat. Of course that wasn't a real challenge but it became one. Anyone that watched season 2 of I Love New York knows that Midget Mac (photo) can't swim. I guess he should have stayed on the boat.

The official first challenge was to decide who would be the team leaders. Everyone was suppose to put on bikinis and grab money in a money booth. Midget Mac refused to put on the suit and Chance wouldn't take off his doorag. The winners were Hoopz and Whiteboy. They got to choose the people on their teams and the odd person out would be sent home.
Heat didn't want to be on Whiteboy's team and make it known. That will probably come back to bite him in the competition. The last 3 people were Brandi C. (who hurt herself after doing push-ups), Midget Mac and Nibblz.

Hoopz Team (Yellow): 12 Pack, Toastee, Rodeo, Pumkin, Nibblz, Heather, Entertainer

Whiteboy Team (Green):
Megan, Destiney, Chance, Mr. Boston, Brandi C., Real, Heat

Leaving Midget Mac without a team and going home. Midget Mac got off to a bad start by disrespecting all the women in the house. Not a great way to start a show. Plus, when he was asked what he was going to do with the money if he won...he said give his parents $200,000 and spend $50,000 at the strip club. I bet there are some sad strippers out there right now. There will be more drama as the teams began to fall apart. That won't take long!!
New episode airs on Sunday @ 9/8 C on VH1.