Sunday, July 6, 2008

Boogie Has Transformed

I'm on vacation so this is why this is up late. Last Thursday was the Rock the Title challenge on America's Best Dance Crew. For this challenge the crew had to incorporate/transform the action or description in their assigned song title into their routine. Every crew used the the title throughout the entire routine and highlighted it in several ways. First up was ASIID performed to Roll by Flo Rida feat. Sean Kingston. They ended up with one of the weaker routines of the night, but I give them a lot of credit for not settling on the sexy interpretations of roll. Next up was SoReal Cru dancing to R.Kelly's Snake. It was cute, funny, and generally entertaining. I liked the gorillas in the jungle moment and that they put in their now trademark, explosion handshake.

Super Cr3w
rocked the stage again with We Fly High by Jim Jones. They dressed up as Clark Kents turning into Super Cr3w, but the hottest moment for me was throwing money up in the air. The camera's low angle made it look way more epic that it should have been. Also it looked like the JabbaWockeeZ were wearing Super Cr3w tees in the crowd. I wonder what would happen if they wore Obama tees, ha haaa. Boogie Bots made their way into the top four and danced to Game Over by Lil Flip. This routine should have appealed to the retro-gamer in everyone. How can you not love a routine with so many throwbacks to Street Fighter and blacklights? As Shane said they finally lived up to their name and transformed into a Megazord of their own.

Fanny Pak was given Toy Solider by Britney Spears. It's probably my least favorite routine they have so far, but it was far from weak. They executed the concept well. However the judges gave them good marks, which is good. I want them to stick around as long as they can. Supreme Soul had Elevator by Flo Rida feat. Timbaland. I really liked their routine. It was hot. They do what they do extremely well. Lil Mama called Antoine, Kevin-- confusing the Supreme's black guy for Jabba's. HA. It happens.

Phresh Select
and Xtreme Dance Force had to battle for the judges favor in the bottom two. Phresh Select had Big Things Poppin' by T.I. It was good. I liked the ending-- they almost made a perfect star formation. Xtreme Dance Force performed to Earthquake by Tech N9ne. Never heard of this song. It was okay, but it was the weakest of the night despite already being in the bottom. Nice try with the stripping though. In the end Xtreme was sent home. The YouTube That Shit Awards go to Boogie Bots (for the first time) and Super Cr3w.