Sunday, June 8, 2008

WWE's Million Dollar Monday

I was reading my one of my favorite blogs (The Sports Marketing and PR Roundup) and it reminded me about the big WWE news. It's the McMahon's Million Dollar Mania.

Vince McMahon (photo from is giving away money on WWE Monday Night Raw. That's one way to get people to watch. Well...they got my attention. Fans have a chance to win a piece of a million...your not get a million dollar check...but the prizes that will be given away will all add up to a total of a million at the end.

Wondering how you can win:
First you have to register at Then you have to watch Raw (or go to to get the winning code. WWE will call a winner(s) during the show...but the person must know the code to win.

I'll be watching...not that I have any say in the matter. But it's still WWE...You never know what might happen. Vince...Monday is my birthday can you hook me up!! *wink*
I would take it in WWE merchandise.