Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tell Us How You Really Feel, Nigel

Last night on So You Think You Can Dance, Chelsea H. (ballroom) & Mark (contemporary) along with Katee (contemporary) & Joshua (hip hop) locked in my votes for the rest of the season, but more importantly, choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo are on fire! I love their work. I can't say that enough. Even though I felt that Chelsea & Mark were not in sync the whole way through (esp. compared to Katee & Joshua on week one), they performed the hell out of their hip hop routine to "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis. The guest judge referred to it as lyrical hip hop, which is an accurate title. However, I just took it as Mark not being able to shed his contemporary style, but for this routine it worked enough for me to not care. Despite having a Samba routine this week, Katee & Joshua (photo above) brought the heat for the last performance of the show.

The highlight of the night was Nigel calling out America's Best Dance Crew during his critique/praises after Chelsea H. & Mark's routine. Telling Napoleon and Tabitha that he is happy that they chose to stick with the real number one dance show on television. This "attack" is not entirely unfounded. ABDC did have an ad during SYTYCD last Thursday for its premier in which it claimed ABDC was the best dance show on TV. I hope this friendly rivalry continues, but don't make me choose one over the other! Both of these shows are doing a good job of keeping me entertained until 30 Rock and Ugly Betty restart! On a lighter note, congrats to Sonya Tayeh on her first gig on SYTYCD! She was excited, and I was truly excited for her. Even though I think her couple is in danger of going home, but it's not Sonya's fault. It's a personality contest and I think Will might enough star power now to keep them out of the bottom this week.

Predictions for bottom 3: Chelsea & Thyne, Kourtni & Matt, Comfort & Chris. Check out the results show tonight to see Quest, a b-boy crew including Ryan of season one, Hok & Dominic of season three, and past hopefuls Victor & Steve (who was featured in the Black Eyed Peas video- Pump it). When is Planet B-Boy coming out on DVD?