Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer of Dance

This is a great Summer to be a fan of dancing. Last Thursday on So You Think You Can Dance, Jamie (ballroom) and Raven (ballet) were sent home. Rightfully so in my opinion. However the judges seemed surprised to see Will and Jessica in the bottom. Will is basically a flash back to Danny of last season. He's a great dancer and former student of Debbie Allen, which to the avg. voter means he is speculated to have some sort of advantage, simply assumes everyone else is already voting for him, or assumed to be cocky in real life. All three of those assumptions means he ain't getting votes. Check out the performances tonight on Fox! I hope Napoleon and Tabitha have more choreography on tonight's show. I'm a fan!

I've been lazy on giving the breakdown of America's Best Dance Crew, but here is what we at Spoil The Ending find relevant. Remember that this is only based on the casting special- opinions are subject to change. The East coast has some serious catching up to do. I personally feel that Sass Times 7 is the weakest of the crews on the show. I want Femme 5 back. Lots of love for the Midwest and South. I expect SoReal to make it to the top three. Spoil The Ending is a fan of Xtreme Dance Crew. However we feel that A.S.I.I.D and Distorted X are the most likely to get cheated out of the show. Flashback to Iconic & Live In Color. All the West coast crews should have made it. Where is my battle zone, Randy Jackson? I liked Team Millenia, but I liked Fanny Pack more. Spoil says that Fanny Pack has to prove they aren't one note. Unfortunately, logic forces me to concur, but I'm still going rep them proud. Supreme Soul is the obvious front runner. I think Super Crew is going to be the Break Sk8 of this season. I have a good feeling I'll be watching the show and wonder how the hell are they still on the show. After seeing them I really wanted to watch Planet B-Boy again, which is a good thing.