Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No More Reality For Buddha

I read this blog post from Ezra "Buddha" Masters (I Love New York 2 runner-up).

Buddha's MySpace Blog:
I'm not doing another mindless "Love" show for VH1. I don't consider belittling good people on national television just to support the financial interest of some millionaire producers who have mastered the are of Urban exploitation "good and wholesome entertainment." The producers of Vh1's "I Love..." series are purposefully misleading you, the public, to believe that the bachelor women will be vying over is me in hopes of getting far greater bachelorette prospects than they would get if they told you the casting is truly for the pathetic example of a Black American man, proud to have a record for beating women (including his baby's mother), gang-bagging, and dope smoking. He's the pure stereotypical worst form of nigga-dumb and the EXACT opposite of everything I (and every other real man and positively productive person) stand for... Chihuahua aka CHANCE.
That was the short version...he also posted a long version of his comments about the show and Chance. Good stuff. I'm disappointed that it won't be Buddha looking for love. I could watch a season for him. I'm not sure if anyone else would be interesting enough. Well...maybe Punk from I Love New York 2.