Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No More Chiba Yall

Serch and Yo-Yo take the ladies of Miss Rap Supreme to the L.A. Gun Club for a challenge. But Ms. Cherry has to return to the house (because she is out on bond). Damn Ms. Cherry! Byata had the best score on the shooting range and could pick another person to share her prize with. Chiba was jealous of the friendship between Byata and Rece.

For Byata's prize they set up a BBQ with rapper WC and DJ Crazy Toones. I'm not sure which part was funnier...that they were drinking 40's or that Byata said she wanted to put NY on the map and WC said NY is already on the map.

The ladies of the house had enough of Chiba. But Chiba tries to reach out to the girls one more time and let them in on why she wears sunglasses all the time. Because of her car accident she can't close her eye. Just when you think things are going to be better...Chiba drops some information that would come back to bite her later. She tells Rece and Byata that her memory is bad and if she has rhymes that she already wrote she will use them. That's cheating right?

For the challenge, the ladies had to individually rap about promoting peace in the streets in front of a group of girls that know the streets. Each girl had experienced gang violence and are making changes in their community. The girls picked Chiba as the winner and she received the keys to the Salt-N-Pepa suite. Byata tells the judges about Chiba using things she already wrote and tells the judges she wants to quit. If I was one of judges I would have let Byata walk...she was being disrespectful to the judges. I was thinking the whole time...Bring Nicky2States back if she wants to quit. But Yo-Yo goes off on Byata and she doesn't quit.

The topic for elimination was to write a rap about the word Bitch. No one is save. Byata missed up but the seed of doubt was too strong. Chiba was told to step off. Three rappers remain.